is a multidisciplinary artist collective creating performative settings between musictheatre and media art. In their works they explore interactive environments and generative dramaturgies within the theatre machinery, resulting in performances that blur the lines between reality and fiction. With a focus on experimentation and pushing artistic boundaries, NOCLIP consistently challenges conventional notions of spectatorship and participation, inviting audiences to actively engage with their work on multiple levels.

©David-Simon Groß

(Höxter ‘94, he/him)  is a composer, performance maker and media artist.  He studied musicology, cultural studies and applied aesthetics, staging of the arts and media as well as new compositional techniques at the University of  Münster, Hildesheim and at the HfMT Hamburg with teachers like Matthias Rebstock or Alexander Schubert.  

Robin’s performances and installations often utilise documentary and biographical approaches that are interwoven into the theatre machinery whilst having a strong focus on sound. Robins post digital approach towards his artistic practice opens up a variety of artistic research fields  like videogameart, artificial intelligence, sensor based performances and embodied electronic music that become part of his aesthetic repertoire. He treats compositional techniques not only as purely musical but as concepts that can be applied to video, light, movement or dramaturgy. 

He understands artistic work as a collaborative and interdisciplinary process where he works in different constellations as a composer, performer, programmer, dramaturg, media artist, activist or video designer.  With collectives like  boikott or STUDIO NOCLIP  his work can be seen and heard at Ballhaus Ost Berlin, Internationales Sommerfestival Kampnagel, Botkyrka Konsthall, Lichthof Theater Hamburg, Sophiensaele Berlin or  Schillertage Mannheim amongst others. 

He lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg.


DIEGO MUHR (Santiago ‘94, he/him)  is a composer, multimedia artist and lighting designer. He studied music composition at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile,  with specialized training in Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music, Valencia.  He independently studied music theater with Angelo Solari and Anselmo Ugarte, and Orchestra conducting with Eduardo Browne. In 2023, he completed a master's degree in multimedia composition with Alexander Schubert at the HfMT Hamburg. 

Diego has created performances, site-specific installations and concert pieces with actors, dancers, musicians, light and video. His works explore the idea of space as a concrete container for memories and life experiences and present a broader idea of music as a detailed temporal organization not only of sound, but also of light, body, text and other materialities. 

In 2016, he established the site-specific music-theatre company Oído Medio, which premiered collaborative works in Chile and Australia. He has also worked as a video and lighting designer on projects by composers, theatre-makers and choreographers such as Alexander Schubert, Patricia Carolin Mai, and Nico and the Navigators, premiereing pieces in theatres like Kampnagel, Le Maillon Théâtre de Strasbourg, Centre Pompidou, Teatro Nacional Chileno, and GAM.

He lives and works in Hamburg.


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